Friday, May 28, 2010

Hung Vanngo: International Diva

Hung Vanngo is making his way up the ranks in the fashion brigade...

His recent stripes are the covers of Vogue Mexico and Russian Bazaar, both hit the news stands on June 2010...

Past badge of honour includes the cover of i-D magazine November 2009 with sexy supermodels: Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fashionablity vs. Commercialism

Mihara Yasuhiro spring 2010

After reading 'The Death of Fashion Criticism" on The Imagist as well as Dirk Standen's post "What Was the Best Show for Spring 2010?" on, my mind is full of different thoughts and ideas that I'll need time to compartimenatlize to make any sense!

1. The Powerful influence of Commercialism certainly dictates a designer's collection, (for those who don't have a financial backer with deep pockets) creating safe and wearable clothing in the era of finacial crisis only makes sense, but why should I pay designer prices for the latest white button up shirt when I already have various styles hanging in my closet? Is designing a safe collection risking a designer's integrity for marketability? Yes they need to put food on the table at the end of the day, but are sales really gauranteed from today's savvy consumers?

2. Progressive designers that challenge traditional men's wear. I love designers like Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Rad Hounari, Mihara Yasuhiro, Rick Owens, Raf Simons and Damir Doma, because they continue to offer (in their respective aestheics) a new direction in men's wear, that mainly appeal to fashion forward males who don't want to look like Ralph Lauren clones. Though some fashion critics may argue that these designers rehash the same ideas each season, I say that these men are our beacons of hope in transforming the male aesthic and promote individuality a notion that commercial fashion and media erases.

3. Stylists are the new fashion gate keepers. As Wayne mentioned in his post on The Imagist, uber stylist like Katie Grand are the new arbiters of fashion, instead of a rave review from Suzy Menkes. But again only those in the fashion world pay attention to fashion editorials in European glossies, I've yet to see a creative shoot in INStyle..... and yes you won't read a review by a top critic in a mainstream mag as well!

I know at the end of the day it's just clothes that we need to cover bodies, but we may as well create a fantasy, have fun and express ourselves with these items!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby it's hot outside! What's a boy to do?

Hyden Yoo at OAK NYC

s the summer temperature rises so does my hemlines! I love my legs and have no problem baring them in a cut off with an inseam as short as three inches! I do get harassed by my prudish peers and raised eye brows by those who's legs never see nor feel sunlight!
BUT for those who claim to be in fashion and have what it takes to reveal some leg, you'd be happy to know that mid thighs are heating up the pages of fashion magazines and the racks of your favourite shops.

Raf Simons

s2s Navy b-boy shorts at OAK NYC

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sole Mates: Ferragamo and Yamamoto

I never thought I'd see this one coming, but I love it when two opposing fashion forces collide because the results are always amazing. This fall the avant-garde Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto teamed up with the classic Italian design house Salvatore Ferragamo to create Salvatore Ferragamo for Yohji Yamamoto -- a collection of fashion forward footwear.
Yamamoto's directional designs is exactly what the Ferragamo house needs to continue loosening up its conservative image. Salvatore Ferragamo for Yohji Yamamoto struts its collection this fall at Holt Renfrew.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leather Queen: Natalia Brilli

Natalia Brilli is to leather as Hershey is to chocolate! The Parisian based artist/designer covers and creates everything out of leather--and I mean everything! Her skin coated designs for men and women come in the forms of wearable pieces like an ID bracelet, or a Rolex watch aka "Nolex" to objet d'art such as a skeleton rock band. Check out her site to see her collections, but better yet to own a Brilli original vist one of these shops! Gravity Pope (Edmonton, Vancouver) Reborn (Montreal) or Insight (Hannover, Germany).

ps. I'm loving my leather link bracelt!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reading Matrerial: Like I Give a Frock by Michi

I've been searching for the perfect gift for a finicky fashion friend who makes shopping for Queen Elizabeth a breeze! But I think I found the golden egg for this fussy Fashionista! "Like I Give a Frock, Fashion forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance,' by Michi the woman behind the online source Her writing style and fashion advice will cut you like a waist band on a pair of skin tight jeans!
Here is an excerpt on jumpsuits:

Eyes Up
You can say what you like about fashion-- it's frivolous, indulgent, fun-- but it can also be downright evil. Take the jumpsuit, for instance. Is the distance from shoulders to possum standard across all women?
I think not. One girl's comfort zone is another's camel toe. So when faced with a friend in a changing room asking if the jumpsuit is splitting a most valuable asset apart, keep your eyes up, take a deep breath, and blame the designer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wrap me up with Rick Owens...

A friend of mine presented me with this image of a Rick Owens poncho a few months ago, and it is now a DAILY obbession!! Unfortunately this wrap is not available in Canada, but can always be purchased if I let my fingers do the walking to the RO store in New York! Perhaps it will be a birthday gift to myself.... BUT I also love this stole that can also do the job of the said stylish cover up!